ProTraxx™ HOn3 Snap-Track System

ProTraxx Pre-production Sample

We are excited to offer our very own HOn3 snap-together track with integrated roadbed!

Blackstone Models has designed the first pieces of a complete track system specifically for HOn3.  While this track is being designed and manufactured by Blackstone Models, we've chosen to design our system around the familiar Kato UniJoiner for a simple-to-put-together, reliable track system than can be enjoyed and appreciated by beginners or seasoned modelers alike.  Our friends at Kato have proven over the years that their UniJoiner is both robust and electrically reliable.

Available pieces include 228mm (approximately 9") straight sections and 480mm (approximately 19") radius curved sections.  Each piece has one UniJoiner at each end.  Ties have been textured, painted and scaled appropriately for HOn3.  The rail is code 70 nickel-silver. 

This is just the initial stage in developing a complete track system. We are currently designing turnouts and will post a formal announcement when details are finalized. 

The straight sections and curved sections are packaged in sets of four pieces.  Four packages of curved pieces (4 in a pkg.) results in a 360-degree circle.  We also offer a Starter Set that includes 16 pieces of 480mm radius curved sections, 4 pieces of 228mm Straight Sections and one Power Joiner with 3 feet of wire.

ProTraxx™ HOn3 Snap-Track System
P.N. Description  

The following models from this release are sold out at the factory.

B500100 4-Pack, 228mm (9") Straight Sections 
B500200 4-Pack, 480mm (19") Radius Curved Sections 
B500900 Starter Set, 4 Straight Sections, 16 Curved Sections