Blackstone Models FAQ's

1) What is the minimum operating radius for the Blackstone Models locomotives and freight cars?
  • The K-27 is designed for smooth operation around curves as tight as 18" in radius.
  • The C-19, Class 70, and 2-8-0 locomotives are designed for smooth operation around curves as tight as 18" in radius.
  • The Blackstone Models freight cars are designed to operate around curves as tight as 16" in radius.
2) What kind of motors are used in the locomotives?
  • Our motors are custom designed for our Blackstone Models locomotives. The motors exhibit smooth, slow-speed operation with a relatively wide speed range. The locomotives also feature electrical pick-ups on all drive wheels and both tender trucks.
3) Are Blackstone Models limited runs? How long after the release date will they be available?
  • Various versions of our models are selling out at the factory. See your dealer for availability of each version. Future releases of Blackstone Models may be announced at a later date.
4) Will the locomotive work on both DC and DCC layouts?
  • Yes. Locomotive models that come with a Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder installed will operate on both DC and DCC layouts. With the sound system versions, you will get optimal results using a DCC system. When operating your sound equipped version in DC mode, your sound features will be somewhat limited when compared to DCC operation. Models purchased without the sound system factory installed are not DCC-ready in the conventional sense. They are designed for use with SoundTraxx decoders and not those of other manufacturers. Those who are contemplating migrating to DCC in the future will find it best to purchase the model with the decoder already installed.
5) In what era are the freight cars offered.
  • Our freight cars are currently offered in eras spanning the 1920's through the post 1940's Flying Grande period.
6) What other plans exist for additional pieces of rolling stock (freight cars)? 7) What locomotive versions are currently available?