HOn3 Jackson and Sharp Open Platform Passenger Coaches, "Chili Line" 3-Pack

Production samples of "Chili Line" 3-Pack cars

Blackstone Models "Chili Line" 3-Pack, Nos. 284, 306, 320
P.N. B350112

Model Details

  • Individual Wire Detailing
  • Individual Wire Grab Irons
  • Brake Rigging and Underbody Details
  • Pullman Green Paint Scheme
  • Lamp Vent placement
  • Restrooms
  • Roof Conduit (where applicable)
  • Underbody Detail
  • Arched and Squared Door Headers
  • Interior Seating and Stoves
  • Electrical Pickups for optionally adding SoundTraxx Accessory Lighting Decoder P.N. 810136 (not included)
  • Factory Installed Bay Windows