HOn3 Jackson and Sharp Open Platform
Passenger Coaches

The spring 2012 release includes seven versions of this classic coach in various configurations. This release includes coaches in Pullman Green, as well as a painted, unlettered version – a favorite from our first run. A 3-pack in Passenger Car Red adds a colorful option to this selection of coaches. An unlettered Passenger Car Red version also is available.

We’re also offering a limited edition release 3-pack of the “Chili Line” Jackson and Sharp Open Platform Passenger Coaches to spice up your narrow gauge fleet. These prototypically accurate cars represent Nos. 284, 306 and 320 with pre-installed bay windows. These bay window coaches were used in consists in the 1930s on the “Chili Line,” the D&RGW narrow gauge branch that ran from Antonito, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico until the abandonment of the branch in the fall of 1941.

2012 HOn3 D&RGW Open Platform Passenger Coaches
P.N. Road No. Description Price

The following models from this release are sold out at the factory, however they may be available from your hobby retailer.

B350106 P/U Pullman Green, Unlettered 2nd Release  
B350108285 Pullman Green  
B350109 304 Pullman Green  
B350110 287, 305, 309 D&RG 3-Pack, Passenger Car Red  
B350111 P/U Passenger Car Red, Unlettered  
B350112 284, 306, 320 "Chili Line" 3-Pack  

Instructions for Installing Passenger Coach Detail Parts