HOn3 3-Bay Hoppers

Pre-production sample of EBT 3-Bay Hopper No. 951, Weathered

The steel 3-bay hopper is a must-have for model railroaders interested in the wonderful little East Broad Top Railroad (EBT), as well as for freelancers looking for a classic piece of rolling stock history. A variety of road numbers are available with either 30s-era lettering or the 40s-era herald in weathered or non-weathered paint. This release also includes a version with “Rock Car” printed on it, which is available with optional weathering. Additional versions include a painted, unlettered black car and a car with only reporting data.

We also are offering a limited edition release of 3-bay hoppers with a D&RGW livery. Available in two road numbers, 950 and 955, these cars feature the famous Flying Grande herald in weathered or non-weathered paint schemes. Although historically this car didn’t run on the Rio Grande, many of our customers have requested hopper cars in this style to run with the rest of their consists.

Spring 2012 HOn3 EBT 3-Bay Hoppers
P.N. Road No. Description Price

The following models from this release are sold out at the factory, however they may be available from your hobby retailer.

B340700 P/U Painted, Unlettered Black  
B340701 814 30s Era Lettering  
B340701W 814 30s Era Lettering, Weathered  
B340702 1000 30s Era Lettering  
B340702W 1000 30s Era Lettering, Weathered  
B340703 951 40s Era Herald  
B340703W 951 40s Era Herald, Weathered  
B340704 906 40s Era Herald  
B340704W 906 40s Era Herald, Weathered  
B340705 977 40s Era Herald  
B340705W 977 40s Era Herald, Weathered  
B340706 1071 40s Era Herald (Rock Car)  
B340706W 1071 40s Era Herald (Rock Car), Weathered  
B340707 N/A Reporting Data Only  
B340708 950 Flying Grande Herald  
B340708W 950 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered  
B340709 955Flying Grande Herald  
B340709W 955 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered  

Instructions for customizing the lettering on the EBT Hopper