HOn3 D&RGW 6000 Series Flatcars

Blackstone Models Flatcars represent the appearance of the Denver and Rio Grand Western Railroad cars throughout much of the early 20th century and into the 1940s, including cars with Rio Grande Southern livery. The 2014 release of Flatcars is available in four new D&RGW road numbers and a new RGS road number. This run also includes a re-release of the painted, unlettered version. They are painted in freshly shopped Boxcar Red with a simulated wood-grain decking.

Previous releases are sold out at the factory, however models may still be available from your local hobby retailer. Check the Release History page for part numbers and descriptions of previous offerings.

2014 HOn3 D&RGW 6000 Series Flatcars
P.N. Road No. Description  

The following models from this release are sold out at the factory.

B340305   Painted, Unlettered  
B340312 6001 D&RGW Lettering  
B340313 6040 D&RGW Lettering  
B340314 6056 D&RGW Lettering  
B340315 6077 D&RGW Lettering  
B340316 0616 RGS Lettering