About Blackstone Models Rolling Stock

Design and Construction
Equipped with Kadee No. 714 couplers and free-rolling trucks with blackened metal wheels, all Blackstone Models rolling stock are ready to go straight from the box and onto your track.

Amazing Details
We returned to railroads' standard specifications and the remaining prototypes to achieve superbly detailed pieces of rolling stock. Appearance features such as accurately placed and scaled hardware, underbody detailing, and fine nut-and-bolt applications place the Blackstone Models collection of rolling stock in an exclusive class of its own. We believe we are the first to provide both weathering options, as well as various shades of paint, on some rolling stock to represent years of sitting under the hot Colorado sun.

Historically Accurate Lettering
Painstakingly researched, the logos, fonts and positioning vary from road number to road number as accurately and appropriately as possible.

Blackstone Models HOn3 Rolling Stock
3000 Series Boxcars
3000 Series Economy Door Boxcars
5500 Series
Stock Cars
5500 Series
Stock Cars
1000 Series
High Side Gondolas
800 Series Drop Bottom Gondolas
Narrow Frame
Tank Cars
Tank Cars
6000 Series
3-Bay Hoppers
Open Platform Passenger Coaches
Long Caboose
Refrigerator Car      
30-Foot Refrigerator Cars