HOn3 D&RGW 5500 Series Double-Deck Stock Cars

Haul sheep and other small livestock in Blackstone Models HOn3 D&RGW 5500 Series Double-Deck Stock Cars, which have a middle deck and movable doors. The 2010 release includes two body styles representing the cars after the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad rebuilt them in 1926: B2/6, which has three additional lettering boards sporting the Flying Grande herald; and B2/3, the predominant board and lettering style without a herald. Freshly shopped cars feature semi-gloss black paint, while certain road numbers have matte black paint to represent fading from a few years of exposure to the elements. All road numbers are available in a weathered or non-weathered paint scheme.

The 2010 release is sold out at the factory, however cars may be available from your hobby retailer. Check the Releases page for part numbers and descriptions of previous offerings.