HOn3 D&RGW Long Cabooses

Blackstone Models HOn3 D&RGW Long Cabooses feature a more traditional “round” roof style and the 2009 release includes 12 versions representing two distinct eras. Choose from the 1930s-era “Button” herald or the familiar Denver and Rio Grande Western Flying Grande herald. A painted, unlettered version and a special edition caboose with Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge livery also are available. These cars are offered freshly shopped, as well as in subtly different paint shades of Caboose Red with optional weathering.

Detail variations include distinctions in ladder dimensions, window moldings, awnings, cupola grab irons, and the 1950s addition of ladder extensions. We have produced a special collection of additional parts, such as marker lamps and window awnings, for further customization. The wheels also are insulated with electrical pickups on both trucks to facilitate the addition of lighting circuitry, such as the SoundTraxx® Accessory Lighting Decoder (P.N. 810137) designed specifically for Blackstone Models Long Cabooses.

* light sun fade

2009 HOn3 D&RGW Long Caboose
P.N. Road No. Description Price

These models are sold out at the factory. Please see your hobby retailer for availability.

B340950 No. 0503 Flying Grande Herald
B340950W No. 0503 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B340951 No. 0503 Moffat Tunnel Herald*
B340951W No. 0503 Moffat Tunnel Herald, Weathered*
B340952 No. 0505 Flying Grande Herald
B340952W No. 0505 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B340953W No. 0505 1930s Livery, No Herald, Weathered*
B340953 0505 1930s Livery, No Herald*
B340954 No. 0517 Flying Grande Herald*
B340954W No. 0517 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered*
B340955 No. 0517 Moffat Tunnel Herald
B340955W No. 0517 Moffat Tunnel Herald, Weathered
B340956 No. 0540 Flying Grande Herald
B340956W No. 0540 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B340957 No. 0540 Royal Gorge Route Herald
B340957W No. 0540 Royal Gorge Route Herald, Weathered
B340961 0540 D&SNG Animas Canyon Route Herald
B340958 No. 0574 Flying Grande Herald*
B340958W No. 0574 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered*
B340959 0574 Moffat Tunnel Herald
B340959W No. 0574 Moffat Tunnel Herald, Weathered
B340960 N/A Painted, Unlettered

Instructions for Installing Caboose Detail Parts