HOn3 D&RGW 3000 Series Economy Door Boxcars

Blackstone Models is the first to offer ready-to-run HOn3 D&RGW 3000 Series Economy Door Boxcars. These unique versions represent the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad cars after the 1920s rebuild as equipped with the economy door hardware. The cars in the 2010 release are available in three D&RGW liveries – Flying Grande, Moffat Tunnel, and Royal Gorge Route. They are offered in a variety of road numbers and paint schemes with optional weathering, as well as painted and unlettered. Also included in this release are two special edition cars – one featuring Grande Gold paint (only available non-weathered) and a converted supply car in MOW Gray.

This 2010 release is sold out at the factory, however cars may be available from your hobby retailer. Check the Releases page for part numbers and descriptions of previous offerings.