C-19 Previous Releases

Click on the release year below to view part numbers for that release. The years listed below are the actual year the particular release began shipping not the year it was announced.

2011 Release

2013 Release

2011 Release

This release is sold out at the factory please see your local dealer for availability.
Click on the part number from those listed below for specific details about that model.

B310200 (-S) D&RGW No. 343
B310200W (-S) D&RGW No. 343, Weathered
B310201 (-S) D&RGW No. 345
B310201W (-S) D&RGW No. 345, Weathered
B310202 (-S) D&RGW No. 346
B310202W (-S) D&RGW No. 346, Weathered
B310203 (-S) D&RGW No. 347, Green Boiler
B310203W (-S) D&RGW No. 347, Green Boiler, Weathered
B310204 (-S) D&RGW No. 347
B310204W (-S) D&RGW No. 347, Weathered
B310205 (-S) RGS No. 40
B310205W (-S) RGS No. 40, Weathered
B310206 (-S) Painted, Unlettered, Green Boiler
B310207 (-S) Painted, Unlettered
B310208 (-S) D&RG No. 345