K-28 & K-36 Mikado Project Update


  • These images are current artist renderings intended to show the detail level that will be offered on the model, these are subject to change without notice due to the on-going production process.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who continue to support Blackstone Models and Hon3 model railroading as a whole. We apologize for the long duration of time that has elapsed without an update for the much anticipated release of the “big mikes” projects. We will work harder in the future to keep our loyal customers informed about the progress of these models.

Both model locomotives are still active, on-going projects which are being worked on by the staff at Blackstone Models & SoundTraxx. Drawings of the actual models have been completed, with only a few minor revisions needed before they can be sent off to our manufacturer for further review. We are working with a well-respected member of the model railroad industry to help us complete these revisions and move the project forward in a timely manner. It is our hope to have all of the drawings (3D renderings) of both the K-28 & K-36 Mikados finalized by late spring. Once this has been accomplished, we will have a better idea of a potential timeline to release as well as any possible changes in suggested retail price.

As a teaser, we’ve included views of our K-36 model as it’s currently drawn. These renderings give you an idea of the detail level that will be offered on the model. Of course these are subject to change with the on-going production process.

From the entire staff at Blackstone Models and SoundTraxx, thank you again for your continued patience.