HOn3 K-27 Mikado

2-8-2 'Mudhen'

K-27 2012 Release!

We are pleased to offer a limited run 2012 Release of the K-27 2-8-2 Mikado! We are happy to offer four new configurations and liveries that evoke different eras of the K-27 Mudhen.  Along with these new versions comes the second release of one of the most unique Mudhens to ply the 3-foot rails; the Rio Grande Southern No. 455 adorned with the “post-wreck” cab, snowplow, and tender as she appeared throughout the late 1940s.  Rounding out this offering is the ever-popular No. 453 in the switcher configuration, complete with its one-of-a-kind doghouse mounted on the tender. This is also the first time that all versions are offered with a weathered option.

Non-Weathered K-27 locomotives list at $475.00, and Weathered K-27 locomotives list at $530.00. Due to the limited nature of this release, all units are offered only as
sound-equipped models.

In stock and shipping now!

2012 HOn3 K-27 Locomotives
P.N. Road No. Description Price
B310109-S 462 Flying Grande Herald $475.00
B310110-S 463 Royal Gorge Route Herald, Green Boiler $475.00
B310126-S 456 Flying Grande Herald $475.00
B310126W-S 456 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered $530.00
B310127-S 461 Moffat Tunnel Herald $475.00
B310127W-S 461 Moffat Tunnel Herald, Weathered $530.00
B310131W-S 455 Rio Grande Southern Rising Sun Herald, Snowplow, Weathered $530.00

The following models from this release are sold out at the factory. However, they may be available from

B310102-S 453 Flying Grande Herald
B310102W-S 453 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B310109W-S 462 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B310110W-S 463 Royal Gorge Route Herald, Green Boiler, Weathered
B310131-S 455 Rio Grande Southern Rising Sun Herald, Snowplow

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