HOn3 K-27 Mikado

2-8-2 'Mudhen'

The 2012 release of the K-27 2-8-2 Mikado includes four new configurations and liveries that evoke different eras of the Mudhen.  Along with these new versions comes the second release of one of the most unique Mudhens to ply the 3-foot rails; the Rio Grande Southern No. 455 adorned with the “post-wreck” cab, snowplow, and tender as she appeared throughout the late 1940s.  Rounding out this offering is the ever-popular No. 453 in the switcher configuration, complete with its one-of-a-kind doghouse mounted on the tender. This is also the first time that all versions are offered with a weathered option.

Due to the limited nature of this release, all units are offered only as sound-equipped models.

2012 HOn3 K-27 Locomotives
P.N. Road No. Description Price
The following models from this release are sold out at the factory, however they may be available from your hobby retailer.
B310102-S 453 Flying Grande Herald
B310102W-S 453 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B310131-S 455 Rio Grande Southern Rising Sun Herald, Snowplow
B310131W-S 455 Rio Grande Southern Rising Sun Herald, Snowplow, Weathered
B310126-S 456 Flying Grande Herald  
B310126W-S 456 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B310127-S 461 Moffat Tunnel Herald  
B310127W-S 461 Moffat Tunnel Herald, Weathered  
B310109-S 462 Flying Grande Herald
B310109W-S 462 Flying Grande Herald, Weathered
B310110-S 463 Royal Gorge Route Herald, Green Boiler
B310110W-S 463 Royal Gorge Route Herald, Green Boiler, Weathered