Painted, Unlettered “Diamond Stack”2-8-0

This locomotive design is a perfect fit for freelancers who appreciate smaller power to serve their own HOn3 railroads. The configuration of these engines was very similar to other Baldwin consolidations seen around and after the turn of the century, therefore it will be easy to adapt the painted/unlettered versions to your favorite road, be it real or imagined.

Painted, Unlettered "Diamond Stack" 2-8-0 Pre-Production Sample.

Painted, Unlettered Diamond Stack 2-8-0
P.N. B310214-S

Model Details:

  • Fluted Style Domes
  • Box Headlight
  • Flared Side Tender
  • Wood Panel Cab Sides
  • Single 11-inch air compressor
  • Road Pilot
  • Russian Iron color boiler jacket
  • Early Baldwin contoured smoke box front
  • Diamond Smoke Stack