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K-28 & K-36 Project Update

To all of our loyal customers, first, we thank you! As some of you know we have run into some problems with the tooling drawings for the K-36 and K-28 projects that we are trying to correct. Unfortunately, working with overseas companies results in significant delays. We are often at the mercy of their schedules and donít have the control that we have with products we manufacture in house. At this time, we are unsure of how long it will take to solve these problems. We understand your frustration Ė we share this frustration.

Reefer Project Update

We are also experiencing some delays with our second run of reefers, but they are progressing and we expect to see delivery in mid-late fall. We hope to have some samples available in the next 45-60 days. We will provide more information as we receive it. Thank you for your continued patience.